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District 9

In Movies@August 2009 on November 25, 2009 at 11:13 pm

Aliens arriving, aircraft battles , one of the lead characters sacrificing their lives to become heroes and save the day for the earthlings, have seen lot of stuff from my high school days. This was the mindset with which I entered the movie theater. I was completely wrong. What impressed me most was the portrayal of basic human instincts. How does an ordinary man react to extraordinary circumstances which turn his life upside down. There is no doubt that Neil Blomkamp must have been inspired by the apartheid era or the district 6 events but

make some space in your busy time for this one

he succeeds in showing the events of imbalance in a region due to xenophobia. To summarize the movie without revealing the plot, District9 is a struggle of a common man and an alien father against the system defying all odds. One thing which the movie promises is, it’s not one of those predictable all blowing up boring happy endings.  I am happy that I didn’t had to sit through the unnecessary blowing up of stuff which were offered all through the summer but was treated to a tight plot and a gripping screenplay. District9 is definitely worth the buck spent.

Big Screen Watch Value – 8.5/10

DVD   Watch Value – 9/10

  1. I felt it would be the other way round with 9 for big screen watch, according to your theory of film watch.

  2. Its like a second date with a hot chick, considering the first one was memorable…

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